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I am an Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics at American University. My research focuses on three main areas: language learning with technology — especially video games —, translation pedagogy, and language and identity. I designed Talking to Avatars, a simulation that allows learners to interact with pre-filmed actors to complete real-life tasks.
I teach courses on Spanish linguistics, translation, teacher training, and research methodology. I am privileged to work for curious and motivated students, many of whom continue to pursue careers in social justice, development, and education.
As Director of the Spanish Language Program at American University, I lead a team of 10+ instructors that cater to 800+ students per year. Our courses teach language through content via a flipped-classroom approach, using technology productively to maximize meaningful classroom interaction.
I love languages, technology, music, food, and the visual arts, and experiment with them in different ways. Contrary to my research, when I'm creating I don't worry about purpose, I just express my mood of the moment. I'd like to use this website as a platform to attract more students to research, and as a way to connect my researcher and artist sides and see what happens...
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